App Reviews

The first app of it's kind in the market... I love the fact that you can validate your idea and entice your brain to think differently

Haitham Abu Hamdan

Excellent tool for innovation. This is a unique tool, It takes you through the process of innovation where you can create, adjust your idea into a viable opportunity or business. Well done.

Jack Touma

A great app and an amazing tool. Easy to use, very well designed. A must for vetting out ideas and transforming them into action plans...2 thumbs up!!!

Namir Sioufi

This app is unique in its approach it is not classical and meets a high level expectation for professionals who are seeking for a challenging output great app

Eleonore Labban

Amazing innovation tool. seamless experience.

Hov Areq

Great concept... Maher is always ahead of others with innovative ideas and processes... looking forward to see more and more in the near future.

Nadim Aramouni