Innovators Tool®

The Innovators Tool®, invented by Maher G. Mezher, is groundbreaking with its unique method to nurture creativity and accelerate innovation. This specialized tool guides people with inventive ideas to help transform them into profitable innovations. The tool has been successfully used by hundreds of organizations, governments, universities, companies, and entrepreneurs around the world.

The Origins

The Innovators Tool® is the result of years of research regarding brain stimulation. The musical and artistic background of the inventor, coupled with broad experience in innovation consultancy and training, has led to the creation of this revolutionary concept.

A New Approach

The tool uses a novel approach with different stimuli that provoke several parts of the brain through human senses. The combination of methods allows for diverse ways of thinking from various perspectives that conclude that a solution is always available. The Fast Track enables the study to finish in record time.

Motivation Through Inspiration

What makes the Innovators Tool® unique is the music which is specifically designed and composed. It sets an inspirational mood and mindset during the main innovation process stages. In addition, a collection of 3D animated images with stirring sound effects accelerate imagination. Sound effects facilitate visualization, while well thought out quotes enhance wisdom. Tailored questions are asked to minimize risk and simplify thinking.

Choose Your Weapon

The automated functions and processes have user-friendly navigation and cater to all ages, types of experience, educational level, and industry. Furthermore, the new Innovators Tool gives the user the freedom to choose the Innovation Process that is most suitable based on how the idea was obtained.